Selected FCI Bridge Metrology Commercial Projects

URS Corporation (AECOM)

MD Rt. 6 over Nanjemoy Creek
Nanjemoy, Maryland
The FCI Laser System was used to perform a load test on a three-span bridge. This test was a good application for the laser system as very small magnitude deflection measurements were made over water. With very short spans, deflections of only 0.009 to 0.017 inches were measured.
The FCI Laser System was used to measure deflections of the bridge during a load test. Three spans of the bridge were simultaneously measured, with three laser deflection measurements per span. The movement of the two abutments was measured during the load test. Additional measurements were also made that provide a frame of reference for load test data (pier, abutment, deck edge, parapet locations). The bottom edge of the deck was measured. Long-term bridge movement measurements were illustrated.